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Imagine if you will that you are bundled up in your RV bed and the sun begins to peek through the window. As you turn to roll over you hear an unfamiliar sound above your RV. You step out the door and gaze up, only to view an array of brightly colored hot air balloons floating overhead. The pilots wave to you from up above as they sail by on their morning flight

This beautiful scene is brought to life each year at the annual South County Hot Air Balloon Festival, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Wakefield, RI. Set on the fields of the University of Rhode Island, the Balloon Festival offers an array of activities, food and craft booths that make for an exciting weekend.

Since the Balloon Festival's beginning in 1978, RV owners such as Ralph Blackburn of Lakeville, Massachusetts have parked their campers in the fields adjacent to the Festival grounds to enjoy the weekend activities. "Every day is different, there is always something to do at the Festival," said Blackburn. Blackburn has attended the Festival for the past 7 years with his wife Maria and their two children Sumner (11) and Kaitlin (8). After discovering the Hot Air Balloon Festival on the internet some years ago, Blackburn has counted on the Festival as his incentive to visit Rhode Island (the "Ocean State") each summer. "The balloons are our morning wake up call!" said Sumner.

From watching the balloons take flight each day at dawn and dusk, to being lifted away in a tethered balloon, the Festival offers patrons a unique experience with hot air balloons. With space available for 150 RV's in the field adjacent to the Festival, and additional space with shuttle service to the festival grounds, you are sure to have a front row seat to the beauty of hot air balloons.

Whether you make the weekend a family outing or you chose to attend with a group of fellow RV campers, a good time will be had by all.

For more information, email campers@scballoonfest.com.

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